A Photographic Journey


My name is Catalin SORESCU and I was born back in 1973. My long-term romance with the photo cameras started around 1984 (24 years ago) when I saw a mysterious black box on a store shelf. As a curious boy I was intrigued by that little box that was capable to capture snapshots of the world. Very „surprisingly” I got one of them as a gift from my parents, at my next birthday. The camera, a Smena 8 (russian production) didn’t last very long. I disassembled it in pieces to see what’s inside of it. All I can say is that, after re-assembling, not all parts  were fitted inside well :).

The next camera was, again, a Smena 8. This one survived for some years but, finally, stopped working. After that, I got Zorky 4 (also russian camera) from an uncle that used to be a photographer. This camera was, indeed, a very nice one. A big upgrade from the Smena toy. I used this camera for years and it’s still working today, despite the fact that it was built in the ’60s.

After Zorky, a countless number of cameras stepped trough my hands. Among them, a Zenit, a Zenit TTL (my first TTL camera), a Canon AE1, a Minolta XGM, a Canon AE1-Programm, a Minolta X300, a Praktika, a Pentacon Six, A Canon T70, a Canon T90 (the most „professional” camera I ever owned, equivalent to Canon EOS 1DS series), a Minolta Dinax7, a Canon EOS 30, a Canon EOS 300D, a Nikon D50. I still own some of these cameras and some other, older ones.

As a passionate photographer, it was hard for me when I realized that photographic art is an elusive target form me. First of all, to be an artist in photography, you must be an artist in every other aspect. I was only a curious person, trying to understand things, more like an engineer than an artist. To a point, I can compensate the lack of artistry by technique but, only to a point. So, after more than 20 years of capturing images I still am an amator photographer trying to learn more.

Some pictures I made over time (some of them on film):

4 Responses to “A Photographic Journey”

  1. 1 "the brother in law"

    3, 4, 6, 13, 18, 23

    I like the most.

  2. 2 Vali

    Superbe poze, abia astept sa termin cu examenele si sa imi ocup mai mult timpul cu fotografiatul . O intrebare totusi am, as dori un exemplu de o fotografie grandangular daca se poate. Va multumesc!

    • 3 catalinsorescu

      La sfarsitul articolului am pus si o imagine facuta cu un obiectiv grandangular (Tokina 12-24 mm pentru Nikon) – cea cu lacul si muntele (este lacul Bucura din Retezat). Multumesc pentru comentariu!

  3. 4 Vali

    Si eu iti multumesc pentru raspuns.

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