Protective leather pouches for hand tools


      I must say that I have lot of hand tools: hammers, pliers, chisels, saws, screwdrivers, rulers, levels and many others… I used to keep them in different kinds of boxes and cases. For some tools like hammers and pliers this is not a problem, more or less. But, for the sensitive tools like chisels, knives, etc, this kind of storage could be an issue because the fine cutting edge is easily damaged by contact with other metal parts.

   To address this issue, I considered making some protective pouches out of leather scraps I can buy at discount prices (around. 7 euro / kg.). I must say that this is my first attempt of leatherworking. I have no leatherworking tools but it was easy to get some needles, string, a leather scissors, an awl and a revolving leather punch plier. Using this minimal toolset (along with a cutter, a steel rule and a “zigzag” scissors, I already own) I hope to come-up with some useful protective covers for my sensitive hand tools. Here are the tools I’ll use:



   As a first project I’ll make some protective covers for the blades of my Mora knives (a small-blade Mora Frost 105 carving knife and a Mora 220 drawknife). This project will be very basic: I’ll cut the leather to size, make some holes in the leather using the punch plier and I will use some leather string to hold parts together. No hand stitching with needle and string at this point! Here is the result:

Mora knife and drawknife


   The second project will be much more ambitious: a 5-compartment roll for my Narex carving chisels. For this, I am prepared for hand stitching and hand riveting (using only a hammer and a bolt). The stitching process was manageable from the begining but it was laborious and painfull for my fingers. I used tha awl for making holes for the needle, prior to stitching.

Chisels roll

Chisels roll

Chisels roll

Chisels roll

Chisels roll


   The third project will be a pouch for my punches set. Here it is:

Punches pouch

Punches pouch

Punches pouch


   The last appointment in this weekend will be a less functional item. I had a nice and soft piece of leather that was asking to become a small, old style, coin bag (or maybe a tea bag). The stitching will be on the inside face.

Coin bag open

Coin bag closed

That’s all folks!

Later edit:

   One more tool gets a protective leather sheath: the lucky toll is a small (100 mm long) precision straight edge. I cut the leather to size and I sewn it by hand.

   The cut piece of leather, before sewing, looks like this:

Leather cut to size

and the precision straight edge, partially inserted into the sheath:

Precission straight edge partially inserted into the sheath


To be continued!


7 Responses to “Protective leather pouches for hand tools”

  1. 1 bogdan

    Hi, Catalin! (not sure wether to write in romanian or english 🙂 )

    Could you please tell me where did you find these great tools for leather crafting? I would really enjoy making my own leather objects, and I’ve spent a lot of time on on-line research… but I found nothing so far.


    • 2 catalinsorescu

      Salut Bogdan,
      Pentru lucrul cu piele am doar minimul necesar: un cutter de birou pentru taiat, o foarfeca solida in unghi, sula, ace pentru piele cu profil triunghiular, foarfeca pentru taieturi zimtate, cleste cu preducele pentru gaurit. Exista multe alte scule pentru piele dar sunt greu de gasit in RO. Cei de la (Germania) au, dar nu sunt ieftine si mai costa si transportul. Am vorbit cu ei si daca ne-am strange mai multi (comanda de peste 1000 eur, primim reducere de 15-20%).
      Foarfeca in unghi si acele pentru piele le-am luat de la un magazin de produse medicale (foarfeca pentru tifon si ace chirurgicale).
      Sula si clestele preducel sunt de la un magazin de textile/marochinarie. Cleste mai au si pe la magazinele de scule…
      Foarfeca zimtata e din piata de vechituri…

  2. 3 bogdan

    Buna, Catalin!

    Multumesc mult pentur raspuns, am alergat ieri si alalta-ieri prin Bucuresti si ieri seara am reusit sa-mi fac o teaca mica si frumoasa. Nu chiar extrem de frumoasa, dar pentru prima realizare, eu zic ca e ok.

    Multumesc mult pentru ajutor, si sper ca pot sa ma intorc daca am vreo intrebare.


  3. 4 Ovidiu Mincea


    De unde cumperi piele cu 7 euro/kg? Sau nu mai e de actualitate?


    • Era un loc in Timisoara unde aveau resturi de piele la kg., dar acum nu mai au. Mai gasesc doar piele la bucati mari la pretul de 45-60 lei m2. In general e piele destul de subtire, buna pentru haine si tapiterii. Nu au piele groasa, buna pentru teci si tocuri de cutite/pistoale. Cica nu aduc piele groasa pentru ca cererea e mica si pretul e mare.

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