Urban Bike Rack


A circular, stainless steel bike rack for urban spaces:


Urban Bike Rack

Urban Bike Rack


2 Responses to “Urban Bike Rack”

  1. 1 Grumpyhare

    What can I say. It looks nice.
    I would comment on a couple of aspects:
    1. The surface needed to store bikes gets bigger with your design. Surface is expensive in modern cities
    2. The sharp inflexion point seems quite dangerous.

    • 2 catalinsorescu

      Thanks for your comment! All you said is true!
      1. Some places (not many, I know) can accomodate circular designs beter than liniar ones, even if liniar racks are more space-efficient.
      2. The sharp inflexion point can be made round, even easier.
      3. In the circular version, the bike is more accesible. Usually, narrow liniar bike racks cannot be used entirely because you have not acces to lock the front wheel, when the rack is almost full. You need some space between bikes and the circular design provides that space.

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