Before & After: Restoring a Couple of Raadvad Knives


   Some time ago I bought at the flea market a couple of small kitchen knives with rosewood handles made by a Danish company – Raadvad.

   They were in a pretty bad condition but, I cannot resist those rosewood handles that were calling for salvation.

  That’s how they looked when I got them:

A Couple of Small Raadvad Knives With Rosewood Handles

A Couple of Small Raadvad Knives With Rosewood Handles

   I started the restoration work by filling the aluminium parts around the blades. They were heavy oxidized, full of dents and deep scratches. At the beginning, I used a fine file for this job followed by several grits of sandpaper (240, 400, 800, 2000).

   Then I polished the blades to remove scratches. I was using sandpaper (grits 400, 800, 2000) followed by a polishing using a Drehmel rotary tool and felt disks stuffed with blue polishing compound. 

   After these, the time to take care of wooden handles arrived. First, using a knife, I rounded a little the end of the longest knife to have nice shape, like the short one. Then I have sanded the handles using sandpaper (grits 80, 180, 240, 400) and finished them using at least five coats of boiled linseed oil.

  That’s how they look now, after 1.5 hours of restoration work:

Restored knives

Restored knives

Restored knives, again

Restored knives, again


   A lot of other abused nice tools are waiting for me to help them. I hope I’ll have time to bring more of them back to life, ASAP!

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